Space Florida Announces Space Transportation Call For Projects

Space Florida announced its annual call for projects to further develop Florida’s spaceport system.

This year, commercial space companies are invited to submit applications for Space Florida’s Space Transportation Infrastructure Matching Fund – requiring a private match of 50% or greater – to help meet current and future commercial and public sector space transportation needs. Last year’s call for projects for the Space Transportation Infrastructure Matching Fund was valued at $48.2 million.

Applications are due Wednesday, March 15, 2023.

Frank DiBello, president and CEO, Space Florida, said “Florida is the premier transportation hub for a global space economy providing rapid transport routes to other major world markets. Working in further collaboration with the growing space private sector will help consolidate and mature a Florida spaceport system of the future. The work we do at Space Florida extends beyond today, with a focus on the next generation of space enterprise. Our mission is to create a thriving space ecosystem, which not only supports today’s operational needs but also the establishment of pioneering outposts in high-value orbits, waypoints in space, and a lunar economy that fuels commercial and military operations.”

Previous Spaceport Improvement Projects include SpaceX’s new processing and Starship manufacturing facility; Cecil Spaceport improvements to its operations control center and payload process to enable commercial launch operations; Blue Origin’s new pad at Launch Complex 36; Boeing’s Starliner assembly; the Airbus OneWeb Satellite facility; and United Launch Alliance’s improvements to Launch Complex 41 to enhance capabilities for medium/heavy vehicles at Cape Canaveral Spaceport.

This year, Space Florida will be accepting Space Transportation Infrastructure Matching Fund applications for Fiscal Years 2025 to 2029. Applications are mandatory before Space Florida can prioritize candidate projects for available funding. The application and additional information can be found here.

Space Florida has a relationship with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) focused on jointly planning, developing, and improving statewide aerospace transportation facilities, such as the improvement of space transportation capacity and efficiency. Funding for the matching fund comes from FDOT. In Florida, space travel is considered an official mode of transportation and the partnership between Space Florida and FDOT is critical to making Florida a hub for space development.




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