Negotiating In Our New Economy: DURING The Negotiation

BEFORE the negotiation, John Klymshyn, aka Coach K, continues with 7 tips to consider DURING the negotiation:

  1. Respond to every question clearly, succinctly, and without “fluff.” You have already done all the selling you need to do. They are engaged in a conversation about Real Estate with you because they want something, too! Focus on facts, not your feelings.
  2. Assume that they want this deal as much as you do.
  3. Follow every statement you make with a question. (i.e.: “We have specific data on the – property, space or location – in the original proposal. How much of it would you like to review today?”. “Our fee is x%, or y$. How does that compare with what you expected?”)
  4. When you ask a question, avoid any that begin with “Why…?”
  5. Find out what they want NOW, as opposed to what you thought they wanted last time you spoke.
  6. Respect your opponent. Yes, opponent. Until you are working with someone, treat them as though they are a worthy opponent. They are going to approach the conversation in the same way that you should: They will want to surrender the least, while gaining the most. Do the same.
  7. Be prepared to camp out. Once they have indicated that a certain deal point is very important to them, camp out on it, and if it is something that is NOT particularly important to you, hang on to it just long enough to allow them to feel that they have won when you acquiesce.
John Klymshyn is an Author, Speaker, Coach, and Master Facilitator. He leads people and groups through the jungle of conversations, from difficult to profitable. His books are available on, and he is available to facilitate your executive retreat, your board meeting, your planning session, to teach “Moving Conversations Forward™” to your sales, service and operations teams. He personally coaches leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and any professional interested in pursuing greatness. Visit his website at]]>



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